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Gwynnett St, Brooklyn

I’ve said before that I’m often fairly slow to put up posts about meals.’s one from about three months ago that I’ve had queued up on my wordpress page for quite awhile with pictures attached and just waiting for a few words. A late January dinner at Gwynnett St with Rocky. I’m not sure how relevant this will be since just days ago the restaurant announced that Chef Justin Hilbert has left the team and former sous chef Owen Clark will be taking his place. For what it’s worth, here’s what was for dinner:

gwynnett st whiskey bread

Whiskey Bread with cultured butter. I really liked the crust. It was nice of Rocky to give me both end pieces.

gwynnett st sunchoke

Sunchoke. The sunchokes were served crispy, sliced, and roasted with cheese. Along with hazelnuts, purple watercress and a kick ass alpine cheese broth. The roasted and sliced chokes were both great, but the crispy ones got soggy with the broth.

gwynnett st kohlrabi

Kohlrabi and Turnip. The kohlrabi was compressed with yuzu and soy. The turnip compressed with a dashi. Served with Iberian ham both shredded and in a mousse. Very impactful flavors in the vegetables. The turnip was awesome with its pairing, a Mosel Riesling Spatlese. Great work with roots.

gwynnett st snails farro crosnes

Snails roasted with meyer lemon. With farro in an onion soubise, pickled onion, and crosnes. Super solid dish. Great flavor balance between acid and richness. The texture variety was a lot of fun. The crispness of the crosnes was superb, and Rocky had fun putting them atop the snails acting like they were shells.

gwynnett st blood dumpling

Blood Dumplings. With parsnip noodles, roasted apple, and trevisio. A fantastic balance all together: the iron flavor of the blood, the bitter radicchio, the more vegetal than sweet parsnip, the soft texture of the dumplings, and the crisp and crunch of the vegetables. A vegetal local rose from Bedell Winery on Long Island was a fun pairing.

gwynnett st white bean tofu

gwynnett st white bean tofu carrot

White Bean Tofu. With smoked white beans, carrots, and a few other roots. A few alliums in the dish had a wonderful char. The caramelized onion broth was spot on with a great fragrance.

gwynnett st ocean trout salsify beet

Ocean Trout. A well-prepared piece of fish. Some sweet earthiness from salsify and golden beets. Some ocean accents from nori, wakame, and roe. A little bitter acidity from red veined sorrel. Superbly matched with the slightly sour dark berry earthiness of a cru Beaujolais from Julienas.

gwynnetts duck

gwynnett st duck prune

Duck. With brussels sprouts and prune. Super rich. Hard-hitting. With a huge wine to match; from Cadillac, Bordeaux.

gwynnett st fennel grapefruit

Fennel & Grapefruit. Cool dessert with good bitter to sweet ratio and a resounding, cool herbaceousness.

gwynnett st dessert

gwynnett st mystery dessert

I can’t recall anything really specific here. Something in the vein of a take on a strawberry shortcake. I remember it being awesome with the Pineau Des Charentes.

gwynnett st chocolate rosehip bulls blood

Chocolate. Rosehip. Bull’s blood. Textures of chocolate and rosehip with a handful of bull’s blood leaves. Tasty. Nice with the 20 year Tawny.

The wines we were paired:

gwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st winegwynnett st wine

Certainly a fun dinner and I think a fantastic value. I’ll have to head back soon to see how things cook up with Chef Clark leading the team.

Date of visit: January 20, 2013

Gwynnett St. 312 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY  347.889.7002