Hof van Cleve

hof van cleve road signLast month on our vacation across the pond, after finishing up a nice dinner in the Netherlands, Rocky and I hit the road and made a run for the border. We spent a perfect day touring around Antwerp, then drove to the town of Kruishoutem where we pounded sipped a few coffees and got changed for dinner in a parking lot. From there we went to see what Chef Peter Goossens has cooking at his restaurant Hof van Cleve.

hof van cleve gateWe showed up almost an hour early for our reservation, so we parked our hybrid outside the gates and took about a thousand photos of the adjacent field of flowers and a chicken down the road.

hof van cleve flower field

hof van cleve chickenWhen the time came, we took a seat at a table on the patio and got the party started with the suggested house aperitif and series of small bites.

hof van cleve patio

hof van cleve canapes

hof van cleve combavaCOMBAVA  mint  grapefruit.  First up, a shot of grapefruit, kaffir lime, and mint.

hof van cleve soft shell crabSOFT SHELL CRAB  lime  vadouvan.  Alongside, a squid ink chip topped with crispy soft shell crab, flavored lime zest and vadouvan spices.

hof van cleve wagyuWAGYU  sesame  parmesan.  A rolled slice of raw wagyu with parmesan cream, sesame, and radish.

hof van cleve young herringYOUNG HERRING  green apple  runner beans.  A small piece of herring accompanied by apple, potato, peppers, and beans.

hof van cleve chicken liverCHICKEN LIVER  shallot  shellfish.  A stunning plate. Fantastic langoustine tartare with a rich quenelle of chicken liver and apricot toast over chicken liver parfait. A superb combination.

hof van cleve dashi

hof van cleve dashi sea saladDASHI  sesame  sea salad.  A delightful broth with a variety of seaweeds, mussels, young clams, and baby shrimp.

While progressing through these opening snacks we were also making our game plan for the meal. I had initially asked our guy if we could be served the vegetable tasting with meat courses of his choice supplemented. He didn’t seem to like that idea too much and after a little back and forth we ended up with the veg menu with beef substituted for the final savory course. And to drink, a bottle of 2006 La Closerie by Jerome Prevost.

hof van cleve table setting

hof van cleve bread serviceBread. Stone baked with sourdough. The choices were Spelt 100%, Westmalle Trappist Rye, Olive Oil Wheat, Camp Rémy Baguette. Accompanied by Boer Haerinck farm butter, P. Bellevaire salted butter, and olive oil.

hof van cleve radish

hof van cleve radish miso quinoaRADISH  miso  quinoa  eggplant.  Radishes with horseradish, eggplant, quinoa, potato, hijiki, miso, and herb coulis. Fresh, light, vegetal. A marvelously textured compilation.

hof van cleve sucrine

hof van cleve grilled sucrineA continuation of the course. Grilled sucrine lettuce(amazing), with shiitake, quinoa and hijiki in an intensely aromatic soy and kaffir broth.

hof van cleve cauliflower

hof van cleve cauliflowerCAULIFLOWER  basil  mimolette  button mushroom.  Lovely cauliflower florets with riced cauliflower, leeks, mushrooms, a brilliant leek sauce, lightly cheesy aioli-ish mimolette, over thin crunchy toast.

hof van cleve artichoke violet

hof van cleve artichoke violetARTICHOKE ‘VIOLET’  fennel  rice ‘bomba’  cevennes onion.  Artichokes with rice, small onions, peppery watercress, and a superbly savory, lightly sweet onion sauce. A very classy and impeccably executed plate.

hof van cleve dune asparagusDUNE ASPARAGUS  morel  parsley  farm egg.  A wonderful plate of white asparagus, mushrooms, and an egg. With mushroom sauce, white asparagus gelee, parmesan tapenade, and shockingly complex leaves of sea aster.

hof van cleve beef jusA precursor to the beef plate. Beef tartare on a cracker with intensely rich and beefy bone marrow consommé.

hof van cleve selected beef

hof van cleve selected beefSELECTED BEEF  pea  bone marrow  cevennes onion.  Decadent cuts of beef with peas, onions, crispy shallots, and a natural jus.

hof van cleve pre dessertA cool, fresh, fruit-juicy pre dessert. A shot of some tangerine-ish fruit I couldn’t understand with pineapple, lime, and mint.

hof van cleve pre dessertA ‘cannoli’ consisting of a pineapple ‘shell’ filled with limoncello cream on top of olive oil bread.

hof van cleve strawberry gariguette

hof van cleve strawberrySTRAWBERRY ‘GARIGUETTE’  lemon  verbena  hammam tea.  Strawberry and rhubarb with lemon ice cream, hammam tea foam, and mint. An acid trip of a dessert.

hof van cleve chocolate boa sentencaCHOCOLATE ‘BOA SENTENÇA’ 65%  morello  beetroot  pistachio.  Chocolate ice cream, mousse, and crumble. Beets, beet cake, cherries, raspberries, pistachio compote.


hof van cleve mignardises cartA cart full of sweet treats.

hof van cleve baba au rhum

hof van cleve rumBaba au Rhum. With Rhum J M.

hof van cleve mignardisesChocolate orange madeline. Snow balls(like light donut holes).

hof van cleve petit foursMacarons. Belgian biscuit. Eclair. Chocolate passionfruit truffle.

Quite an outstanding meal at the hands of Chef Goossens and his team. I hope to return to the idyllic Belgian countryside setting again for another round of Goossens’ stunning cuisine.

Date of visit:  July 2, 2014

Hof van Cleve. Riemegemstraat 1. Kruishoutem, Belgium. +32 9 383 58 48  www.hofvancleve.com


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