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Sushi Nakazawa – Sushi Counter

After having dinner in the Sushi Nakazawa dining room two weeks ago, I decided I needed to get back to Commerce Street to have dinner at the sushi counter. So I kept an eye out for openings and secured a reservation for last Monday. I had been told that dinner at the bar is remarkably better than in the dining room(particularly with regards to the integrity of the fare). I wasn’t mislead. Though many of the fish selections and preparations bordered on identical to the week before, the difference between a piece straight from Chef Nakazawa’s hand and a piece that has been plated, sat on the pass, and walked through the room is like night and day. The temperature contrasts make all the difference.

sushi nakazawa sushi counter setting


sushi counter daisuke nakazawa

I met my buddy MCL out front just before dinner time and enjoyed the sunshine on a bench until the doors opened promptly at 5:00. We took our corner seats at the counter, ordered up some sake, and got the party started.

sushi nakazawa cherry salmon

Cherry Salmon. From Hokkaido. Supple richness with a good amount of wasabi spice to start off.

sushi nakazawa smoked blackmouth chinook

Smoked Blackmouth Chinook. From Washington. With some light peppery heat.

sushi nakazawa sea scallop

Sea Scallop. ‘Dancing Scallop!’ as Chef called it. From Maine. Acidic, spicy yuzu pepper contrasted nicely against the sweet flesh. Likewise, the cool scallop was great over the warm rice.

sushi nakazawa giant clam geoduck

Giant Clam. Washington geoduck. A brief torching warmed the clam and gave a bit of sweetness from the caramelized soy.

sushi nakazawa sea bream

sushi nakazawa sea bream daikon

Sea Bream. From Awaji Island. A real beauty. Subtly funky from ground daikon. A few days later at work MCL recalled this as the most impressive piece for him.

sushi nakazawa golden eye snapper

Golden Eye Snapper. Shizuoka Kinmedai. With lemon and sea salt. Tender, fatty mouthfeel.

sushi nakazawa barred knifejaw

Barred Knifejaw. Ishidai. Clean taste. Cool temperature.

sushi nakazawa horse mackerel

Horse Mackerel. Kagoshima Aji. Gracefully pure for mackerel. One of my favorite pieces again.

sushi nakazawa sardine


sushi nakazawa sardine

Sardine. Straight forward sardine. The taste always takes my memory back to bars in coastal Spain.

sushi nakazawa pickled mackerel

Pickled Mackerel. Aged seven days. With just enough Japanese mustard to support the fish and almost go unnoticed.

sushi nakazawa octopus

sushi nakazawa octopus

Octopus. From Kanagawa. Massaged 45 minutes.

sushi nakazawa tiger prawn

Tiger Prawn. From Madagascar. Boiled briefly. More rich than sweet tasting this time.

sushi nakazawa wild yellowtail

Wild Yellowtail. I think from Oita.

sushi nakazawa smoked bonito

Smoked Bonito. Impeccably, unmistakably smoky. But just enough so to balance well with the fish.

sushi nakazawa lean bluefin tuna

sushi nakazawa lean bluefin tuna

Lean Bluefin Tuna. From Boston. Lovely, pure flavor.

sushi nakazawa medium fatty tuna

sushi nakazawa medium fatty bluefin tuna

Soy Marinated Medium Fatty Bluefin Tuna. With Japanese mustard. A very pretty bite.

sushi nakazawa fatty bluefin tuna

sushi nakazawa fatty bluefin tuna

Fatty Bluefin Tuna. Super oily and lightly torched.

sushi nakazawa santa barbara sea urchin

Sea Urchin Santa Barbara. Hard not to like this. The uni was smooth and cool and was superb as it warmed in the mouth.

sushi nakazawa chum salmon roe

Soy Marinated Chum Salmon. A radical combination of textures and savory layers.

sushi nakazawa sea eel

sushi nakazawa sea eel

Sea Eel. A decent enough piece of eel with eel sauce.

sushi nakazawa egg omelette

sushi nakazawa tamago

Egg Omelette. Again a delightfully light, sweet, and savory egg custard.

sushi nakazawa santa barbara maine uni

Santa Barbara and Maine Sea Urchin. When we were asked if we wanted to repeat or add any bites, MCL asked for more uni. Chef Nakazawa asked us if we wanted Santa Barbara again or Maine. I said both. It was the right move I think.

sushi nakazawa yuzu sorbet berries

Yuzu Sorbet. With berries. The blackberry on the bottom was frozen solid 😦

sushi nakazawa tea


sushi nakazawa sake

sushi nakazawa sake

A couple bottles of sake for the evening.

chef daisuke nakazawa sushi

Chef Daisuke Nakazawa looking for pictures of fish to show us.

Date of meal:  March 31, 2014

Sushi Nakazawa. 23 Commerce St. NYC 212.924.2212