Blue Hill at Stone Barns – Two-a-day, Part 1

As I’m sitting in my UWS apartment in the middle of a cold NYC winter, I’m looking back on some of my dining moments from last summer. One particularly hot and sunny day in June, Rocky and I found ourselves at the hands of Chef Dan Barber and his team at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. When I was making the plans for the trip I figured that as long as we were making the trek from city, we may as well make it a two-a-day. It was quite a remarkable pair of meals. Since then Rocky has claimed the restaurant to be her favorite that we’ve visited in the states. Now, in late February, with Rocky’s birthday just a few days away, we have some solid weekend plans in place, which include her b-day dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. So I suppose now is as good a time as I’ll have to finally share our BHSB two-a-day. (click here for part 2)

blue hill stone barns

blue hill stone barns greenhouses

blue hill stone barns greenhouse

We showed up early to get a snack from the Blue Hill Cafe and tour the grounds before the restaurant opened.

blue hill stone barns

blue hill stone barns table setting

Once lunch time came we got straight to it. I won’t go too much into details. I think the photos(while of questionable quality) speak for themselves.

blue hill stone barns vegetables

blue hill farm vegetables

Vegetables from the farm.

blue hill farm first zucchini

First zucchini from the farm.

blue hill farm radishes

Radishes from the greenhouse. Cool, brisk, and pretty spicy.

blue hill rhubarb

Rhubarb poached in a little sugar.

blue hill pea vichyssoise

Pea vichyssoise with crispy quinoa and snow peas. Out of this world. Easily among my favorite bites of the day.

blue hill weeds pea popcorn shootsblue hill farm weeds shoots

Weeds from the garden with lemon verbena vinegar. Pea and popcorn shoots, to be snipped and dipped in tarragon pesto.

blue hill fennel pepperoncino

blue hill fennel pepper knife

Fennel sausage. And Rocky with a sharp knife. Slicing away like a pro.

blue hill trio

blue hill parsnip yolk pie

blue hill strawberry granola bar

blue hill whoopee pie

Parsnip, egg yolk, and pancetta ‘pie’.

Strawberry marmelade granola bars.

Charcoal whoopee pie with minty cream.

blue hill asparagus pancetta

Asparagus and pancetta.

blue hill bone marrow

blue hill bone marrow

Veal bone marrow with beef heart. Sweet and rich.

blue hill celtuce

blue hill celtuce

Celtuce, diced and in a broth. With pinenut, Blue Hill yogurt, shungiku, and green apple. Cool, vegetal, fresh.

blue hill mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella, strawberry, sesame, bone marrow.

blue hill brioche ricotta

blue hill ricotta brioche

Blue Hill ricotta, whole grain brioche, swiss chard & kale.

After this we were led out of the dining room through a side exit and escorted outside to a small shed with a beautifully set table where we had our next few courses.

blue hill outdoor diningblue hill stone barns shed

blue hill table setting

Certainly this was quite an amazing place to enjoy a good part of our meal. We took in the setting for a bit and then this stunning spread showed up:

blue hill asparagus

blue hill butter lettuce coppa

blue hill borscht

blue hill vegetables

blue hill spread

blue hill vegetables

Asparagus over larch. Butter lettuce with coppa. Pea stew. Borscht. And a center piece of wax beans, rapini, orach, chorizo sauce, almond saffron sauce, and shavings of almond, hazelnut, egg yolk, and Treviso cheese. Home run. I would gladly indulge in this impressive offering any day.

blue hill lobster tacos

blue hill fourchu lobster tacos

blue hill lobster kohlrabi tacos

Next up: Tacos. Fourchu lobster, kohlrabi, ham hock, artichoke, strawberry compote, carrot puree, coriander, watermelon molasses hot sauce, and smoked salt with lobster roe.

We were invited to linger awhile, and while it was tempting to spend more of the day in the serene setting, we thought it prudent to keep the meal progressing. Moving back into the dining room:

blue hill egg yolk zucchini

Blue Hill egg yolk, zucchini, ham. A small, quick, and rich little plate.

blue hill bread service

Potato onion bread. Whipped lard. Butters from Annabelle and Jillian(Jersey and Normandy cows).

blue hill pork jowl

blue hill pork jowl

Blue Hill pork jowl with mulberry, wineberry, fennel, and herb sauce.

blue hill sheep cheese

Local sheep milk cheese rolled in vegetable ‘bio-char’. With radish salad and a rye pretzel.

blue hill raspberry elderflower

Tart, sweet raspberry with floral elderflower foam and frozen pistachio butter. Delicious.

blue hill corn crumble currant almond

Corn crumble, milk sorbet, currant compote, and almond cake.

blue hill chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs with milk jam. Creamy and crunchy with a lasting smooth chocolate finish.

A few beverages from lunch:

blue hill champagne roseblue hill champagneblue hill wineblue hill coffee

An incredibly impressive and poetic first meal at Stone Barns. Rocky and I couldn’t wait to get back for dinner to see what was in store for round two of our day.

(click here for round two)

Date of meal:  June 23, 2013

Blue Hill at Stone Barns. 630 Bedford Road. Pocantico Hills, NY  914 366 9600


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