Blue Hill at Stone Barns – Two-a-day, Part 2

Feeling elated from an incredible lunch and enthusiastic for our impending dinner, Rocky and I headed back to Stone Barns a little early to do a bit more exploring of the grounds before taking our seats for round two of our Blue Hill two-a-day. (click here for round one)

blue hill stone barns table setting

Once again, this post is coming eight months after the meal, so I’m going to keep it fairly brief with any details I happen to remember or have jotted down.

blue hill stone barns garden vegetables

Vegetables from the garden.

blue hill rhubarb

Rhubarb strips.

blue hill kohlrabi

Baby kohlrabi from the garden.

blue hill pig heart pastrami

Pig heart pastrami.

blue hill radishes

Radishes from the greenhouse.

blue hill pea corn shoots

Pea and corn shoots. To be snipped and dragged through lemon vinaigrette with aleppo pepper and bee pollen.

blue hill blueberry lardo pancakes

Blueberry, honey, and lardo pancakes. Tremendous.

blue hill chocolate pork liver

Chocolate and pork liver.

blue hill asparagus burgers

Mini asparagus burgers.

blue hill coppa flatbread

blue hill stone barns coppa flatbread

Coppa flatbread. Crispy and hammy.

blue hill yogurt carrot sorbet

blue hill yogurt beet sorbet

Toasted yogurt. One with carrot sorbet, the other with beet sorbet.

blue hill green garden gazpacho

blue hill gazpacho buffalo yogurt

Green garden gazpacho(cucumber, zucchini, herbs) with buffalo yogurt and a polenta chocolate wheat chip.

blue hill clams peas lardo

Local clams, peas, lardo. Superb green combination of peas, fava beans, and asparagus with lovely clams(razor and some other). Though the dish was topped with too much lardo for my taste.

blue hill zucchini

Zucchini, nasturtium, almond. A lovely, juicy cut of squash.

blue hill stone barns peas lilies

blue hill peas daylily

Peas, bio-char onions, daylily. Damn. Amazing. I still think of this little dish occasionally. The charred allium taste was sublime with the perfect peas. The daylily was a lifting lightly floral compliment.

blue hill goose egg pasta

Handmade goose egg pasta(made with minimal flour) with basil and cured immature egg yolk. Another winner. Rocky still talks about this dish occasionally.

blue hill bread service

Potato onion bread with Hudson Valley butter, Tulip’s butter(Normandy cow), Blue Hill lardo, and corn salt.

blue hill stone barns turkey breast

Turkey breast, heart, and liver accompanied with beet and strawberry.

blue hill stone barns hudson valley lamb

Hudson Valley lamb with morels and dragon radish.

blue hill cheese board

Sweet Berry Farm black sheep cheese in the style of goat cheese. With rye bread and rhubarb compote.

blue hill stone barns blueberry buttermilk

Blueberry with frozen Stone Barns buttermilk. Tart sweet berries and rich buttermilk served super cold. Good stuff.

blue hill stone barns strawberry cannelloni

Strawberry ‘cannelloni’ with creme fraiche and balsamic reduction. A kick ass berries and cream plate.

blue hill stone barns mignardises

Oh boy…mignardises on bark. They were something along the lines of:  chocolate corn flakes, chocolate pumpkin seeds, honeyed chocolate, minty chocolate, chocolate raspberry lollipop, chocolate covered hazelnuts.

A couple wines of the night:

blue hill wineblue hill wine

And that’s my recap of our Blue Hill at Stone Barns two-a-day from last June. Rocky and I are amped to join Chef Dan Barber and crew again for her birthday dinner this weekend. Hopefully I can get the post for that one done in under eight months this time.

Oh yeah…as we were leaving the restaurant, the ‘Super Moon’ was in full effect(though covered with clouds).

blue hill stone barns super moon

Date of meal:  June 23, 2013

Blue Hill at Stone Barns. 630 Bedford Road. Pocantico Hills, NY  914 366 9600


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